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Is your heart working the way it should be? Screen it and be on your way to better heart health.


Heart Attack in Women

Heart attack is caused by narrowed heart arteries. When arteries are narrowed (a process called atherosclerosis), less blood and oxygen reaches the heart muscle.

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Cardiovascular Heart Disease is ONE OF THE TOP causes of death globally.

Is your heart working the way it should be?  Screen it and be on your way to better heart health. Our non-invasive test will determine your risk of heart disease.

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Our Gastroenterologists work with a strong team of medical professionals to provide the best possible clinical outcome, to get you back to health the soonest possible.

Bone and Joint

Mobility lends a hand in improving the quality of life.


Committed to excellence in cardiac care.


For Medical Care, the first name that flashes out from my mind is Island Hospital. Team of Professional doctors coupled with great nursing care to make recovery speedy and fast. Best of the best name in medical care.

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The cleanliness in Island Hospital is well taken care of. Information is computerised, so when patients come for medical check-up or consultation, it is carried out very smoothly. The front entrance of Island Hospital is like a Hotel.

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